Senior Cricket

The ‘Theakston Nidderdale Cricket League’ has been in existence since 1894, and is the oldest and largest village cricket league in the country. It now has more than 100 teams, playing over nine divisions each Saturday.

The league format is 45 overs per side, with each bowler restricted to 12 overs, to promote more participation in games. The opening round of fixtures is in mid-April, and the final round being played 22 weeks later in mid-September.

In addition, there are four knockout cup competitions, with the Atkinson-Swiers Cup being the most prestigious, being competed for by the top 16 teams in the league, with a 40 overs per side format. The further three cups are played over a T20 format, culminating in a ‘finals day’ where each will be decided.

After playing in the Wetherby cricket league for many years, Spofforth CC made the move to the Theakston Nidderdale league in 2011, with the teams being placed in divisions 2 and 5 respectively. The first XI duly won promotion, and are now competing in the top flight for the first time. The second XI has a blend of youth and experience, and gives the juniors their first opportunity to play the longer format of the game.

For more details on the league, please follow the link below.

Theakston Nidderdale Cricket League