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Simon Giddings, Andrew Lurcuck, Mark Woodward, Paul Ratcliffe, Adrian Fletcher

 Team Managers
Andrew Lurcuck; Knights (U9’s), Simon Giddings; Squires (U8’s)

Friday evening coaching will take place commencing Friday 11th April at 6.30pm and run every Friday with the exception of Good Friday (18th April) and Friday 4th July (Tour de France) until Friday 18th July 2014.

In addition to Friday evenings and as last year there will also be sessions on a Saturday morning, these will commence after Easter.  For the early part of the season and until football finishes these will run 11.30am – 1.00pm.  As soon as football is over we’ll start earlier so as not to take up too much of your precious weekends.  Saturday sessions will be designed with match play in mind and we will be concentrating on those areas of play where we may come up short in our matches.

There will also be a few introductory hard ball sessions for U9’s Year 4 and U10’s Year 5 on a Wednesday evening (dates and times to be confirmed) those attending will need to be in possession of the necessary protective kit please.

PLEASE wrap up warm in the early part of the season and ensure that juniors wear suitable outdoor training footwear – canvas shoes etc. are not suitable.  I can thoroughly recommend PC Sports hoodies, they are initialed too!! Here is the link. http://www.pcsports.co.uk/brands/Spofforth-CC.html .  If you have any questions about kit please do not hesitate to give me a ring – for whites you can’t beat Sports Direct they’re ridiculously cheap – for bats look for a size 1-3 please don’t buy too big they’ll never grow into it!  We always have a vast array of equipment in various states of used here at the club just in case anybody wants to “try before they buy”.  One last word – please write your child’s name all over their kit, i’ll collect it before i go home and give it back to them at the next opportunity!!

Nidderdale League Cricket
Match Format “Kwik Cricket”; 8 players per side.  Matches played on a 17 yd pitch with full size stumps, 27″x8″, boundaries shall be between 25 yd minimum and 35 yd maximum parallel to the pitch.  Teams shall use a junior size incrediball or equivalent.

Will begin week commencing Monday 21st April and we are delighted to announce that this season Andrew Lurcuck has agreed to manage a team. This means that we will have two teams thus giving the children much more of an opportunity to play organised games against local(ish) opposition.  We have decided to run the teams along age group lines so Andrew will lead the U9’s team (school year 4) to be known as The Spofforth Knights and i will lead the U8’s team (school year 3 and below) to be known as The Spofforth Squires.  As some of you will be aware there are no set nights for matches and it is up to the managers of the various teams to arrange suitable evenings as the season progresses.  We will try to do this as far as possible in advance but you may have to bear with in cases of fixture congestion or others not being quite as organised.

 The fixtures are here http://www.nidderdaleleague.co.uk/junior-fixtures.html Division A = Spofforth Knights, Division B = Spofforth Squires.  A “fridge-friendly” printable download will be emailed in due course.

We’d very much like to arrange to take as many of the U9’s as want to see Yorkshire play at Headingley vs Durham in the NatWest T20 Blast on Wednesday evening 2nd July.  Obviously this will depend upon a lot of parental involvement but to those of you who have not been to a T20 game before it really is a lot of fun.  We can arrange group tickets for £10 per person (normally £18 per adult £10 per child).  If you’d like to go with your child then please let me know as soon as possible and we’ll get on with sorting things with our friends at Yorkshire.

As a club we will do our upmost to make sure that all the children develop in their cricket skills and have lots of fun along the way – but of course this cannot be done alone; we’re very lucky to have the help of Andrew Lurcuck, Mark Woodward, Paul Ratcliffe and Adrian Fletcher but you can never have too many friends so please please do feel free to lend a hand in whatever way you can or wish, tuckshop, bar, drinks, admin, scoring. coaching and the list goes on, a beer tastes much better when you’ve given a hand.  We’d really like a hand with admin this year if someone wants to help co-ordinate this please!

We’re looking for some new U7’s this year so those of you with friends in year’s 1 & 2 please spread the good word.

Finally we will communicate mainly by email but increasingly via the website where you’ll find a host of useful information.

Looking forward to another great season.
Simon Giddings
M:07968 321535