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Jason Westerman, Paul Draper

Team Managers
Jason Westerman – 11 a side
Paul Draper – Pairs

Friday evenings commencing 11th April from 6.30 until 18th July (but not Good Friday and 4th July). In our coaching sessions we will continue to build on the skills that the player were introduced to in the earlier age groups. We aim to make each player the best that they can be whilst having fun.

Nidderdale League Cricket
This season we be running both a 11 a side team and a Pairs team with the idea of trying to provide as much opportunity as possible for our players to play competitive cricket in a supportive environment. We think that the jump from U9s cricket to U11s can be a bit daunting with the move from a soft ball to a hard ball. Having a Pairs side where every player can get a bat and a bowl should help players become more comfortable with the game.

When playing matches, we think that it is important for all (players, parents, spectators) to remember the following:

  • The players are children;
  • The coaches are volunteers;
  • The umpires are human;
  • This is not the Ashes;
  • Show respect to players, coaches and officials;
  • The priority is enjoyment of the game.

Come join us!